Dry Solids Feeders:
Volumetric & Gravimetric
Weight-Loss-Differential Feeder
Batch/Dump Weighing Systems
Weigh Belt and Weigh Auger
In-Line Weigh Feeder / Flowmeter
Continuous Volumetric Blenders

 piFLOW┬«  Vacuum Transfer Conveyors
 based on Piab COAX┬« Vacuum Technology 
 Intrinsically Safe Operation
 Gentle, Dense Phase Transfer Cababilities
 Hygenic Designs for Foods & Pharma 
 Rates  Up To 4 tons/Hr.
 HEPA Quality Filtration to  0.3 Micron 
Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
Palletized Drums 
IBC/ Totes
Single Drum & Small Container
Tempature Controlled/Fire Rated
Compliance Expertise
Roto-Disc Spherical Disc Valve
Roto-Blade Diverter Valve
Roto-Flate Gas Tight Disc Valve

Roto-Vert Plug Diverter Valve
Triboelectric Monitoring Systems for Particulate Emissions & Processes
Broken Bag Detection & Location
Plant-Wide Emissions Monitoring & Management Systems

Screening Technologies
Centrifugal Screeners
Vibrating Screeners
Long Stroke Screeners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Wet & Dry Operation
Mobile Vacuum Systems
Central Vacuum Systems
Truck Mounted Vacuums
Vacuum Rebuilding Services

Dust Collection Systems & Design
Pneumatic Conveying Filter Receivers
Dust Collector Upgrades & Retrofits
Reverse Pulse-Jet Filter & Bag Shaker Cleaning Systems
High Efficient Cyclone Receivers & Bin Vents
Magnetic Systems for Tramp Metal Removal
Ceramic & Rare Earth Material
Manual & Self-Cleaning Magnets
In-Line Pneumatic Conveying Magnets
Metal Detection Systems

Vibratory Bin Activators
Vibratory Conveyors & Feeders
Vibratory Screeners
Fluid Bed Dryers
Storage Pile Discharger